Select Window Specialists LLC


Select Window Specialists

provides leak repair, glass replacement
and window cleaning services for
sunrooms, skylights and windows

of residential and commercial clients

in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

and the upper midwest.  



Owner Operated, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Bonded and Insured.

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Minneapolis  |  Saint Paul  |  Minnesota, USA

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Sunrooms  |  Skylights  |  Windows


Glass Replacement and Leak Repair

Residential and Commercial

With 19 years of experience, Select

Window Specialists has working 

knowledge of all aspects of the field.

We provide inspection of the entire

project, including weather proofing

sealants, gaskets and flashing. 


Services provided include leak repair

and replacement of damaged or failed

glass panels. We service all makes and 
models of
commercial and residential

sunrooms and conservatories including:

Four Seasons Sunrooms

Sunshine Rooms

Patio Enclosures



SSI Sunrooms

Temo Sunrooms

Solar Innovations Sunrooms

Florian Sunrooms, and others


We also install and repair all types of skylights,

including glass, acrylic and polycarbonate.

Familiar brands are Wasco, Naturalite and VELUX.

Serving clients nationwide.

Call 952-393-2665 today for a free, onsite estimate.

Window Cleaning  |  Gutter Cleaning

We make your windows sparkle!

Residential and Commercial

We offer affordable window and gutter cleaning 

including free dry brushing of sills and screens.

We also provide sunroom and skylight glass cleaning

Additional services include post-construction
and realtor requested window cleaning.  

Call 952-393-2665 today for a free, onsite estimate.